Terrier Racing by Ridgeside Lurchers


Phill, Tracy and Emma Gibbons, of Ridgeside Lurchers, invite you to see their fantastic lurchers doing what comes naturally to them! In the area they will race, at full speed, chasing the electric lure. They offer a fast, action-packed demonstration with an informative and humorous commentary by Phill.

The public will have the chance to ‘have a go’ with their own dogs – whatever their breed! This part of the event is running throughout the day, so come along with your dog and have fun!

What kind of dog is a lurcher?

A Lurcher is a type of dog, not a pure breed but a cross between a sighthound and a working breed such as a Collie and in some cases, Terriers. A lurcher can be as small as a whippet or as large as a deerhound.

The name ‘Lurcher’ comes from the Romani language word ‘Lur’ meaning ‘Thief’.

Lurchers are excellent sporting dogs for coursing and racing and they also make very good family pets because of their laid back nature and temprement.